About Madvlad

In my opinion Madvlad is a great, original and driven artist. He certainly is a beautiful soul, a beloved friend and a man with a refreshing sense of humour. I know I am not the only fan of Madvlad in our bubbling universe. Some people were wondering how he is, because he hasn’t shown himself on RB for a while. Well, no worries: he is still among us, brooding in his mind on the greatest art he will ever make. We haven’t heard of him because he needed surgery. I asked a family member how he is and I quote: ‘His surgery went fairly well, and he is back at home resting. At the moment he has to stay in bed almost all the time, so he doesn’t use the computer for either sending or receiving e-mails. Also, he hasn’t done much drawing or painting for the past few months. This has to be the longest time in the past forty years when he has been away from art.’ That’s all I know folks. Let us send him our thoughts of light. No, let’s bathe him in light.

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