Interview with Kathleen

1. Tell us a bit about your background, your personality, your ‘real world’ and what drives you.

Hmmmmmmm… background eh… where to start… life story wise, I am the offspring of, let’s say nicely, ‘contrast’. Certain conditions led to a humble sort of childhood, with lots of bush and nature around, despite the upheavals of what some may describe as dysfunctional existence.

Career wise, I have been inspired by good solid administration in as many ways as I have the arts. I paint and draw and write and do all manner of computer arts utilising products that are very expensive and technologically elitistly rediculously silly… and wasteful… and then I have guilt… guilt about doing something I love knowing that if I stop – I will inevitably be destroyed… then I think I should try to have a constructive and productive time on Earth… why do I do what I do in the way I do it… who knows… possibly… who cares?

But I digress…

My personality is amplified in the internet environment and it seriously amuses me too much, the psychology is fascinating and dangerous. I wander through dark and techno-sinister environments full of emotion and magick, and in the next breath find myself creating non-profit activist art groups ??? I guess, the amplification of my psyche in cyber-psyche-space, along with the mind-games, is a way for which I can focus on certain behaviours and benchmark my soul… test myself and my mental strength… by which I fail a lot, cause I am a cry baby :-) At the end of the day I am a typical Arian-Taurean cuspian fuelled by the planet Venus, who is a paranormal medium to lots of strange and incorporeal entities and vibrations that batter me from one creative idea to the next level of Universal Pentacostal Mythological spiritual physical activist telepathic-network gaming.

Real world, I am a married (8 years next week) and a mum to 3 kids and am a very abnormal normal person in suburban Australia. My family and my concern for their future and their environment is always what drives me…

2. How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I am obsessively creative and everything (absolutely everything) I do is motivated in creative process. The obvious affects are frustration at a lack of resources and time. Balancing the creative urge with reality and responsibility… really, making sure I can do everything at once all the time perfectly to allow me to find the time to be creatively free thinking, but also able to act on those impulses and to project them to an audience to make it all extra worthwhile.

I am very concerned with making things happen, and that in a sense leads to a bi-polar emotional synergy at times. Perhaps that though is just the psyche of the precious, emotional, egocentric artist. Of which I am very comfortable with the stereotype… If one must be perceived in a pigeon-hole may my pigeon hole be full of art and literature!!!

3. Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

I can’t tell you just one!!!

There’s the gang, all those that I hang with online… they KNOW who they are…

Geez… well individually I love anyone who spends time in the Activist sector… I believe they are intrinsically important to society and that important works of awareness are fundamental in education on all levels… soooo… the Activist Artists are very special, each and every one…

I love the Dark Artists too, because that is where my artistic emotional buttons get pressed.

But one person… has to be “empress”: She saw my literary potential and is pushing me like no one else to exploit it… she has pulled out a section of my mind and made me give it some attention and that has helped me grow personally, artistically and emotionally. Writing is more important that I thought it was to me, and although I get so excited producing meaningful tshirts and mystical posters, this side of my brain needs nurturing now too… Kate showed me that by being her unusual and special self!

4. Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you.

In no particular order… with the diverse interest I have, I’ve focused on 5 works that have given me fundamental inspiration to pursue a direction in my that is more meaningful for me than any other form and that is the self-exploration of digital photographic portraiture… I find more memories and clues to my existence through laughing at myself during the editing than one can believe… but these fine ladies and their work have created an image of myself that I want to share… despite the over-the-top Taurean Venusian vanity… it’s such a lark, I can’t stop!!!

Self Portrait as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page by Casey Castille

Will you help me find my marbles? by Travis Seale

Enter the Dragon by ToastedGhost
[there were so many awesome ones in his folio I couldn’t choose, I decided on this one because of the sheer cleverness and simplicity of the idea]

Unmasked by Lee Burgess

Who? by redlac

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