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This is one of the flowers from my show and poems for her.

I’ve fallen off the ship this night my mast has knocked me over.
I thought that I was secure to the ship that was my big mistake.
The mast has broken in the wind and tumbled to the deck and with its might its knocked me over and now I have to swim.
Its dark here in the deep unknown I tremble from the thought,
Of what might be down below thats got its eyes on me.
This waters known for shark attacks and now I am in its home.
I hope that he has mercy for this man so far from home.
I struggle with the line its still attached to me.
My movements are a steady struggle my minds on full alert.
I wonder what this movement means to this well known killer.
My mind is on the great unknown the blackness down below.
I wish that I could see the foe but now I have no sight.
As blind as if I had no eyes in the moonless night.
The waves are lashing back and forth my body’s in no pain.
The coldness of the water has washed my pain away.
My fear is strong, I can’t explain exactly what I feel.
Its new to me to be so weak I’ve always been so sure.
I’ve captained many kinds of ships in weather thats made grown men cry.
And here I am in this water and the waves are 2 feet high.
But my fear is greater now than in the oceans mighty waves.
I have no knowledge what will transpire with that beast below.
My ships have always been my strength and now I am on my own.
And here I am in this deep dark world of which I have no control.
No teller to help guide my fate into this raging storm.
No mast to fill with wind so strong to take me far and fast.
No stars to show me where I am so I can set a course.
Here I am in no where land black sea beyond my eyes.
No sight of land or light in view as I swim to stay alive.
Its been an hour since I fell in and now its really dark.
I think I felt something pass by I felt it touch my leg.
I can’t see what this is thats hitting me again.
Its moving slowly and then fast as I try to feel it pass.
My hearts in my throat my minds on fire my body’s full of fear.
And here it comes I feel it touch my leg again.
I am in a panic breathing hard my eyes look left and right.
Oh God where are you now what did I ever do?
To suffer in this deep black sea with out a ship in sight.
I feel this thing its playing with my fear.
Its passed by me a thousand times and still I am alive.
What it this thing that his taken me and plays this frightful game?
Touching me and pushing me to where I can not say.
I struggle to be brave my minds in full alert.
And here I am blindfolded to my fear as this thing plays games with me.
Two hours have passed and its still here I feel it on my leg.
A steady friend its become it comforts me at times.
And here I am still wondering when will it finish me.
Its like a cat playing with the mouse how cruel I finally see.
I am the mouse for this mighty fish thats pushed me again.
And now my body’s shaking in this cold black water.
And my mighty foe has pushed me in the back again.
Hours have passed as I struggle with my mind its playing games with me now.
I wish that I could fall to sleep and end it all right now.
But my body’s trying to stay alive to see this nasty beast.
But my mind is in a steady fight to push back all this fear.
It been with me the whole night long pushing me on my way.
Where it’s pushing me I don’t know I think to an early grave.
I see a star in the sky its offers little hope.
Its small light gives me light on the cold black water.
Its not enough to see my foe I think its playing games.
Now its pushing me from the back no longer on my leg.
Its like a cat thats got a mouse pushing me all over.
I think its waiting for me to make my final move.
And then like the cat thats been attacked it ends this little dance.
But I still wait until it comes I am in no hurry to die.
Its played its game with me most of the night pushing me along.
I finally see two stars and now they start to come.
And now the fog has finally gone and the sky is full of them.
I see the water before me now its view a welcome foe.
But under its shining black skin is my waiting friend.
I feel it there still around waiting for the kill.
I take a moment to think about all the bad I did.
I shift through my entire life to see if it was bad?
But nothing comes up in my life that says this should be my fate.
I finally see the dusk start to come its finally breaking water.
My friend is still in my back underneath the water.
I wish that it would raise it head so I can greet my friend.
But no it stays beneath the water to torture me again.
I feel its mighty wake as it passes by.
My minds dead to me its frozen me inside.
I wait to feel its mighty bite I hope it ends it quick.
To have me suffer all night long a cat is not so cruel.
Then I will have suffered more from its touch.. than from its mighty bite.
The sun has broken on the sea its showing me the way.
And with the sun comes a moment that I think I see this thing.
Its been with me the whole night long pushing me along.
And now I see what fear can do to take your strength away.
I look at it and see my foe it’s rushing at me now.
I close my eyes to the struggle as I calm my nervous fear.
I scream out loud and say to it….
“Its you that’s been the captain of my fear from the very start.”
And now I see that its not the beast but the mighty mast!

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