Mars Attack Part 7 Friends


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Mars Attack Part 7 Friends

Oh Dave I was so worried about you where have you guys been?
Hi honey we went down the street we heard somebody screaming!
It turned out to be a lovely lady her husband had just died.
It seems that one of them was hiding in her yard and touched him and he died!
What’s that your talking about? I am missing everything!
Someone’s husband was killed by one of them?
So it seems my little rose but don’t you stress out.
Its gone for now or so it seems we have a video of it.
Hey Mike get all the people in we need to have a meeting.
Will do Dave I am on my way you two get the room all cleaned up.
Hey Mike take Yool she’s always good at pulling folks together.
She’s got something thats like a magnet everyone attracted to her.
She in the back with her cousin she’s just got back in town.
She was in Washington DC for the convention helping out Obama.
What’s her name and is she sweet just like her little cousin?
She’s quite the looker and her names Ajax so be careful with the jokes.
And when your back there tell them all to come in and take a seat!
And Janeymac’s in the backyard too playing with her dog.
When did she get here I thought she was way down in Virginia?
She was but she met Ajax and they drove up here together.
And watch out what you say around her she’s sitting on the edge.
It seems that one of her dogs has gone missing when she got here.
Ok will do I’ll be right back and then its off to Alan’s house.
He’s got a group of people at his house they are checking who is missing.
Will be back a shake my friend and I’ll take the walkie Talkie with me.
You do that Mike and call me in 20 minutes.
Hey Dave where’s Judi and that man I think his name is Fred?
There at his house so pick them up and see who else is there.
And what about the new one I think his name is Rockman he’s really cool and likes the lady’s so take him with you too!
Hey Honey what’s been going on have you heard from Trudi Roo ?
She’s gone to get her sister Tamme her cars stalled on the highway.
And don’t forget about Karen shes been cooking lunch for us.
Shes at her house shes been depressed her dog is also missing.
Oh honey can you go out back and introduce yourself to this lady I think her name is Nature Lover she’s the one that lost her husband.
Will do but I heard that you have a video of this thing that killed him.
Well Mike shot that and when he’s back we will all have a look at this monster.
So go on now and say hello this lady’s very nice and she’s got a dog and he’s real sweet it looks like he loves everybody.
While your out in the back I’ll get on the handy and see whats going on!
I hear that down in Washington theres space ship every where!
Ajax say the sky is so full it looks like its midnight.
Ships flying every where and people in the houses.
Ok get going and let me work I’ll see you in a minute.
Oh God what are we gonna do if these things start to attack us?
Hey babe just calm down it’ll be ok I think thats not their mission.
If it was we would all be dead by now and this problem for them solved.
See ya baby in a few now go before I kiss you.
Hello Hello Hello is anyboy there?
Can you here me Its Dave Roman I’am here in New York state.
Hello Hello its a womans voice.
Can you tell me your name please my name is Dave Roman.
Hello Hello my name is MiMI Yoon I am here in my car driving to see my family.
There in Manhattan and I can’t get through I think the lines are down.
What do you know can you get through or is it the same for you?
Its a mess all over the country MiMI they shut down all the lines.
And this Air phones all I have to the outside world.
Well I am in ohio right now I picked a hiker up, his name is Clive he’s got a lot of things he wants to tell you.
Hey Dave my name is Clive and listen to this mate.
They take the dogs so if you have one put them in the house.
Hey Clive we have a few missing dogs whats that all about?
I can’t tell you mate but its strange to me cus my dogs missing too!
Ok will keep a fix on that and thanks for all your help.
You coming through then stop on by we got room for every body.
Put MiMI on I’ll give her the directions.
Hey MiMi this is my address stop here before you try Manhattan.
I think theres something you should see before you drive to your family.
Will do Dave see you tomorrow at noon unless we have some problems.
One good thing about this now Gas is free for all.
See ya MiMi and talk to you tomorrow.
Hello hello Hello anybody there?
This is Charlotta Peacock can anybody hear me?
Yes it Dave Roman here in New york state.
Hey Dave I am down here in New Orleans on vacation from Australia.
What the hell is going on up there everybody’s here’s going crazy.
Well its the same here my friend people are staying at my house.
Are the space ships everywhere like in DC I been told the sky is full.
Yea honey its the same down here I can almost see the sky.
Its so black and its 12 noon and the people are all scared to death.
And what about you my Aussie friend aren’t you nervous too?
Hell yea but someone gotta tell all these people what to do.
They had it with all these problems they seem to be all tapped out!
Well I can understand it they have had more than their share and now come’s this crazy stuff.
Well keep in touch and let me know exactly what’s going on down there.
Well I got a sister that lives in New York I am on my way there tomorrow.
Then call me at this time tomorrow I am in New York too!
What towns she in? Croton Oh thats next door just 15 minutes away.
Hey Dave Hey Dave Mike is back he’s got a truck load full of people.
Ok Carlotta gotta go talk to you tomorrow.
See ya Hon.
So where we gonna put them all this place is crammed to the rafters.
Don’t worry we will find away lets just go down and meet them all.
Hey Mike Hey Mike where did you get all of them from?
They were in a bus that broke down on their way to Texas.
Well damn Mike where we gonna put them this house is way too full.
Hell we’ll make a camp out of the neighbors house and put everybody in there.
Oh you mean that guy that died when he shot his gun two nights ago?
Exactly Dave we’ll put them there it’s not like he will need it!
And Mike make the announcement that your gonna show your video so get them all seated and hook it to the TV.
Will do .
Hey Folks my name is Mike for all you who don’t know it!
I got a Video that everyone should see it will save your life for sure!!
So take a seat and let’s see what this is all about!
Anybody gotta make a pee then go and do it now!

End Of part 7

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