Mars Attack Part 6 The Arrival


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This Is part of the Mars Attacks series Part 6

Yool Yool what the hells all the screaming about?
I hear someone down the street shouting like their crazy.
Do you see anything down there?
Oh no David I can’t see that far anyway I think its the next block over.
Why don’t we just take a walk and see what its about.
I’ll tell my wife we’ll be right back and maybe you get Mike.
Oh by the way where was she at I thought she was with Trudi.
Last time I saw them they were both in the kitchen making breakfast.
I’ll meet you here you go get Mike and let me tell my wife we will be back.
Hey Trudi wheres my wife at I ? I thought she was in here?
No she’s in the bathroom crying she’s real scared.
Then tell her I will be right back Yool and Mike and I, are going to the next block we heard some screaming there.
Maybe you take a look and tell her to come out.
I think that will take too long my friend I see her in an hour.
Can I come with you too I need a break from here?
Well come on then,, but then again she’ll freak out if no ones here.
We’ll be right back just tell her we have gone to get some food.
Hey Trudi thanks a lot don’t worry we wont die.
Hey Mike hey Yool lets take the truck I think its a lot faster.
So off we go to the next block to see what all the noise is.
Hey Dave pull over thats the sound I think that we all heard.
Its coming out of that house their screaming like their crazy.
Hey take the gun no thats not cool they said no gun ever!
Ok then how about my baseball bat that ought to be ok?
Well Mike I think we better just go with empty hand just incase there’s something there that think we want to harm them.
Hey Yool you stay in the truck and we will be right back!
Hell no I don’t want to sit alone and miss all the fun.
Then get in back and let the men see what the fuss is all about!
Hello is anyone in here? We hear your screaming the next block over.
And then real loud a voice calls out come down stairs and and make sure your feet are covered there’s shit all about.
Mike go’s first and then I go and Yool brings up the rear.
And to my surprise the whole place stinks like someone took a poop.
Standing there with a bucket is this lovely sight.
With Blond hair and a knock out body and she’s got a dog by her side.
Hey my names David this is Mike and thats Yool in the corner.
So why you making all this noise we though you’d been attacked.
I was thats my husband thats stinking up the place.
He was in the back yard looking for some salad.
And then this thing came out of no where and bit him on his hand!
And then 10 minutes later he was lying there dead.
Oh by the way what’s your name?
Oh my friends call me Nature Lover.
I am sorry for you loss my friend now lets get your husband covered.
Why don’t you come out of this house now that your all alone.
You can come over to my house every body from the neighborhoods staying there.
And bring your dog we got one there and he needs the company too.
Pick up a few thing that you need to take with you and don’t forget your blankets.
And we will take a closer look out in your back yard.
Hey Yool your quite the expert on them little thing so take a look at everything and tell me what you see.
Mike take your camera an get some shots of anything that strange.
Will do my friend I got it covered RedBubble will love this stuff.
LOL hey Mike your still thinking about RedBubble I think we got bigger problems!
Well you never know where this will go and I guess this will be a favorite.
Damn Mike your still looking for a feature!
Hey David!! Yool screams out get over her right now!!
And sure enough Miss Yools keen eyes have found the little killer.
Oh my what’s that its looking like its ready for a fight.
It was a Cone plant Yool tells me but now its something else.
Is it talking or is that just the wind that I hear.
Yep its talking in some language I can’t make it out my friend.
What the hells going on this plants talking to us now?
I think were going to have some changes in the future Dave.
Hey Mike get a shot of this your cameras got a video too?
This little things speaking some language maybe someone knows what it is back at home.
Damn Dave too bad RedBubbles not doing video yet this would be a killer!
Well Mike make sure you don’t touch that thing or you could end up like the husband!
Ok lets get the hell out of here this place is making me nervous.
So grab that stuff for Nature Lover and lets get the hell out of here!!
So Yool how the hell can a plant talk thats the first time I ever saw that!
Well David they have a life so why not?
You ever listen to a plant or tried to feel for it? I think if we listed well they might give us a fright!
I think were going to see a lot of new things soon to come, so keep an open mind my friend there more magic soon to come!!
These things what ever they are, are going to change our planet!
End Of part 6

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