A Bit of Info About my Processing

I’ve had several comments from people lately asking me how I have been processing some of my newest photos…. and since my ‘reply’ button is still broken I thought I would just put it all down in a journal….so here it is.

I mainly use Adobe Lightroom to process all of my work and then I tidy stuff up in Photoshop Elements 4.0

You can download a 30 day free trial of “The Lightroom” if you follow the above link – definately worth checking out if you haven’t already. It will process both RAW and JPEG files.

Last week I found out that there were presets available to download so I thought I’d give them ago. There are 3 main sites I have found which are really good.
They are:

  2. Heather Green Photography (she lists lots of links) and
  3. Pro Photography Show who also list lots of great links.

Of course you still need to play with the images even after applying a preset…but that’s where the fun begins.

The presets I have used the most are:

  1. 2. Vintage I
  2. COL Dragon1
  3. COL Hamburg’s Funky Twist
  4. Dream
  5. Matt’s Lomo Effect
  6. EFF XProcess Dragon

They all came from those 3 websites listed above.

Hope this has been helpful.

Cheers to you all

BTW…I’ve just passed 50000 views…WooHoo…^now if only I could sell something…^

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