I just wanted to thank everyone whose popped on over to my page in the last 8 months to check out my stuff. Tonight I havejust hit 40,000 views.
That is so far beyond what I thought I could achieve when I initially joined the bubble.

In my 8months here I have …..

  • had 5 pictures featured on the homepage
  • won the tagline competition and scored a $100 bubble voucher
  • Come second in one of the Cafe Callenges
  • had a couple of my pics chosen to represent Groups at various times
  • been nominated as a featured artist in the Tree Group
  • sold 26 cards
  • sold 5 laminated prints
  • sold 1 mounted print
  • sold 1 framed print thanks so much Kimberly
  • sold 1 t-shirt
  • sold 5 infrared calendars

But most importantly I have made some wonderful friends through Redbubble and I have learnt heaps of new skills and have grown as a photographer…now I even occassionally refer to myself as being a photographer…lol

So THANKSYOU EVERYONE and here’s to more achievements on the bubble said whilst raising a glass of coke….well, I have to work tomorrow…

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