RB Customer Service Outstanding

I just wanted to share with you the fantastic Customer Service Redbubble showed me earlier this week.

In late November I ordered a T-shirt for a Chrissy present and uptill this week it still had not been manufactured. I thought this was really strange becase everything else I had ordered had arrived promptly and it was unusual for orders to take that long…so whilst preparing to send an enquiry email I found that one had already been sent to me from the T-shirt guys explaining that they’d had some problems and my shirt would now not make it to the address by Christmas.

“Bugger” was my first thought but I read on and you know what those fabulous guys have done? Well….not only have they given me a refund, but they have also issued me with a voucher to the value of the shirt and they will still ship my original shirt (it will just be a week or so late) …How Fantastic is that!!

So I would just like to publicly acknowledge the super customer service that Redbubble has exhibited and with service like this why shop anywhere else!!


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