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OK…it was a hard choice to choose just one….but with the help of a couple of friends this is the one I’ve picked.

It’s called “Fluid” and I took it a few weeks ago at a place called Blacksmiths in Newcastle NSW. I’ve often driven past this place when I’ve taken my boys to the beach and I have photographed it a few times, but I have always caught low tide.

On this particular day it was stinking hot and bright – perfect for infrared photography and I had checked the tides so I knew there would be water where I’d wanted it.

To get this particular shot I was knee deep in water and had the tripod balanced on some oyster infested rocks – probably not the safest spot for the camera…but I did have the strap around my neck…just incase. So after dropping the lens cap into the water and fishing it out whilst still wearing my watch (which luckily still works) I managed to capture this shot. (ISO 200, f8.0, 6.5sec exposure)

Actually, the original looks nothing like this – it’s all in shades of purple. So with some channel swapping, playing with temps, tints, blacks, highlights & shadows, this is the final product.

I am really pleased with it because I think the tones and textures have really worked together and there’s quite a bit of depth to this image. The colour of the water is relaxing and with the angle I have used I think the viewer can almost feel themselves submerged in the water.

Of course, I am just fascinated with infrared photography and I am continually surprised by what can be achieved with one tiny piece of camera equipement. I am completely enjoying my journey through the magical world that is IR.

I hope you like this image too and may even be tempted to check out some of my other IR work

Thanks so much

Naomi Frost.

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