Thanks For The Constructive Criticism

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who offered some constructive criticism on a couple of photos I put up yesterday. I think I’m happy with the final version now.

I’ve decided to enter both version 1 and 3 into the competition as there is no limit to the number of entries people can submit. The theme of the competition is “Save Water”.

Here’s the judging criteria:

Portrayal of theme – water conservation /40
Attractiveness – color, visually appealing /30
Composition – pictorial balance /10
Technical competence – understanding of the capabilities of the camera and limitations. Does entrant display good use of it’s photography equipment (e.g. understanding depth of field and picture sharpness and focus) /10
Creativity/artistic – Demonstrating a point of difference in every day objects or subjects (e.g. different view points or angles, looking at them from above or below etc) /10
Total /100

Version 1

The main problem in this was the ambiguity of the jetty…so I solved that by putting Harry into a boat..

Version 2

The idea was good, but I wasn’t too keen on the execution so I did another version…

Version 3

and there you have it.

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate you taking the time to write down your thoughts.


BTW – Don’t expect to see any photos of Harrison for a while ….he’s done posing for me and I’m all out of

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