What A Day...So Far..LOL!!!

Well I woke up this morning and as usual the first thing I do is turn on the computer . I’m still addicted to RB but I’m about to start seeking help for this…or at least I was until today….

You see, I made a sale – a laminated print too. How exciting is that. What a fabulous way to start the day. Thankyou to the wonderful person who purchased Fenced Off I was absolutely stoked. But then, I saw that my pic called Cucamonga was on the What’s Hot List. Just as exciting as a sale, I can tell you – it’s my first time on that list and its recognition that my work is heading in the right direction.
And then I got favourited on the Home Page. My absolute first time there. All of this in 1 hour…….an hour when I should have been getting the boys breakfast, feeding myself, getting dressed, cleaning the house etc…talking to my husband… Instead I have spent the morning on the computer typing thankyou’s and reading fabulous comments and writing this….So I am in a quandry – I want to enjoy my time on the top of the list (as it may not happen again) …but I also have a family…..what do I do!!!! It’s a brilliantly sunny day here in Oz and I’m missing it…all because this damn site is sooooo addictive and fabulous.. Ahhhhhhh
But I love it.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and commented and a special thanks to the buyer of “Fenced Off” . I really do appreciate it

Have a good day everyone.

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