Having A Go

Art… It flows through my veins. Whether or not i am objectively skilled and talented, I know not. Does it matter, anyway?

I have found art a refuge, an expression. A safe place to be myself and to explore who I could be. A site of resistance to the evils of this decaying world. A place to seek the good and the light in others. A place to bring a little joy and fun. A place to challenge, inspire, and inform.

With such lofty aspirations, I hope that the art I will (soon) place here will achieve at least some of the following goals:

to uplift
to inspire
to bring a little fun
to speak to the little girl within!
to draw attention to the Lord Jesus Christ
to draw attention to the abuse of God’s creatures
to speak across boundaries of religion / culture

I am a Christian first and foremost. I say that, not to challenge people who disagree, but to offer an honest description of myself, my motivations, and my deepest values. However, I hope that what I do will appeal to a broader audience than the Christian crowd – I would hate to be boxed into a particular genre!

My blog is called The Amalgamation where you can view excerpts from my sketchbooks.

You will probably find that a lot of my drawings centre around common themes. I love horses, giraffes, dolphins and other animals. A lot of my drawings are simply for the fun and enjoyment of colours and animals and pure mythic fantasy! I also like drawing such characters as Mermaids and Clowns. (At some point I may write a brief guide to the symbols I employ in my drawings, but before that I actually have to post some art… It’s on it’s way, really!) Sometimes, I go back to my Goth / Punk roots and draw dark themed characters and heavy metal musician inspired characters. I enjoy the comic book style of art too, though I don’t think I’m particularly talented in that genre (yet!). The comics I like best are The Simpsons and Star Wars series, as well as Footrot Flats and the Far Side.

After some years of procrastination I have decided to take the lunge, have a go, and put my art out there. It’s worth a go. Hopefully someone will like it!

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