Thankyou Steven Sass

I just would like to take a minute to say a big thank you to the person responsable for introducing me to this wonder site. I showed Steven some my lizard photographs when he was in our area on a survey and he told me that I had stuff good enough to go on this site, so I looked it up and then joined. Then I was hooked! It was wonderful being able to share my art work with other like minded people!! The comments are great encourgment.

I toyed with the idea of getting some cards printed and decided that if I did not give it a shot I would never know how it would go. And go it did!! From the start of selling my cards to friends and family in November 2008 to selling them to shops and convincing our very wonderful stock and station stores to sell them for me, at last count, which was May 2009, when I moved to Canada, I had sold roughly 400-500 Cards!!

So thank you Steven, for telling me to give it a shot, you gave me a way of sharing my art work with others and you have really helped me discover my passion for photography on a whole new level and help me develop it in a way I had only dreamed of and I can only hope it keeps heading in that upward direction!

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