Look I have had just the most incredible day & it was filled with :-) luving & surrounded by friends here at the bubblehouse & here in my home. I do want to give thanks for having the coolest friends a girl could wish for.

My neighbour & best friend sat out on my porch and chatted for hours tonight.
A girlfriend
a very very special girlfriend popped in on me this morning I hadn’t seen her in a while but gosh I thought of her often. Railz was recently diagnosed with a tumour she’s the most bravest woman I know even though she’s fragile. It was so hard as a friend to know what to say I could just cry with her & hold her hand.

What makes it hard is that she has 2 small children single & very little support.

I decided one night that I wanted to do something special for her so I waited till the ex had the kids & I turned up with my sleeping bag & a basket full of goodies.

That night I told her not to move. I set up the already prepard cold platters & went in to set up a bath. Scented candles magazines oils chocolates I even bought my own cd player with Barry White of course.

3 hours later wearing a soft dressing gown she looked a million dollars. Of course we talked & enjoyed the silence. Thats what friends can do

I wrote a poem and painted into a picture for her & it goes like this….

Our paths are different
our pains not the same
Our lives so seperate
and no ones to blame
whinging & laughter
tears & hope
with our lives so hard
thats just how we cope


I had a wonderful day with waterboy you just gotta check -no rising here
waterboy & I really got something rolling even butchy put his bob in, I had a very deep conversation with Mr reflector your friendship is truly treasured.
Another fantastic thing about today is that I was honoured not once but twice!

Mr butch & sir blamo
not that I’m biased in any way
recently created their BEST works yet.

Once again I give thanks for being blessed with such good friends xxxxxx

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