Spring Time Overload Cum'en Up

Gidday Gidday its just Another Overload Warning & Boy do l mean Overload!
It’s been an upside down inside out emotional kinda week so l’ve been ‘Trying’ to loose myself in my garden with my birds, Even Hubby is now calling me the Bird Whisperer, l have spent manic hours kinda training wild birds getting them to almost cum right up to me (l’ve even had a baby crow take meat from my hands) they even teez me by flying so close l can sometimes feel their wings brush across my hair. l was getting shitty with the macro on my camera it just doesn’t give me the crispness l’m after so the best way is to get the birds to cum real close. So if ya into flowers & birds l reckon you’ll get a kick out of this lot if not you’ll probably be board shitless (sorry) please don’t feel that you have to comment l know many of you just watch & comment at the end & thats just fine with me.
l hope your week was better than mine & l hope amongst the overload l’ll get a chance to catch up with you XXXXXXXXXXoverload’enflipcum’enatchaXXXXXXXX

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