So Cool to catch up

Wow what a wonderful night l’ve had catching up with many of you. So wrapped when its good timing like that & we’re on board at the same time :-)
Well radiation is ok l won’t winge to much the staff are truly lovely & looking after me well.
The fertiliser l put in my hair seems to be working & cum’en back quite a SEXY Silver :-P Tonight l got to spend my birthday money in the redbubble shop & l decided l wanted a collage of all my favourite artists & wonderful friends. l felt as though l’d have you around more often as l don’t get on the net much lately (don’t worry l’m potting up in my beautiful garden as its a gorgeous time of year for plants)
l can’t wait till l get all of your cards & of course put them up in buyers booth :-)
l truly do appreciate such wonderful friendships here even if just for a fleating moment or for an eternity l am truly grateful XXXXXXX
Goodnight & l’ll always be around to flipyalater XXXX :-)

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