Here she Goes Bragg'en Again ;-P

Hey You lot
Guess What !!!!!!
Fancy me gett’en my Wobbly Ass Featured in The Human Condition Group!!!!! (My Mum would’ve been SO proud ;-) If you haven’t already checked this group out please do so its filled with talent & global concerns.My ‘Shine Wherever You Go’ is featured in the wonderful Beauty’n’Bubbles group ‘The Heart of redbubble’ is featured in one of my favourite groups Live Love & Dream Oh l haven’t finished yet :-P My ‘Living In Full’ is featured in the Breathtaking Sea Group & ‘Find The Fire Within’ featured in the Digital Art & Writing group. WOOPS 2 more My Breast Cancer Message has just reached over 1000 viewings & featured again in the wonderful Human Condition group & Best till last My handsome boys are featured in a great new group l joined called All Out Emotion The most wonderful thing about all this is that my messages of Acceptance Hope Love Connection Courage & Inspiration is getting through this wonderful wide redbubble Planet And in the process Your warmth Your humour Your stories & Your overwhelming talent is spreading too Thankyou my inspirational Bubble Friends XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Just a note too l & my family are doing really well l am overloaded with final preperation to flipteez Art & Gift Show l have gained 22 !!! Sponsers to the Show & still haven’t hit the papers & Radio yet (Thats next week) l have Chemotherapy next Thursday & after having Crashed for a few days thru the last one l need to have everything organised by then. l am about to upload an overload but many won’t be my pieces but that of the Incredibly TALENTED souls on redbubble. Many of you have generously donated an inspirational piece & l’m putting a Calander together for the Big Charity Auction at the Show on Dec6th. l just gotta thankyou with a road train of hugs & kisses XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXflipya as soon as l find time ;-P X
l guess it was bound to happen but its still a little scary now its begun. My head has been a little tender & today scratching my head my hair has begun to fall out YUK ! l’m so glad l shaved it short its not as dramatic as it would have been had l had my long curly hair. SO l guess hubby just has to take me hat shopping tomorrow ;-P AND Yes hubby wants me to be a redhead one night a brunette the next so l guess a bit of wig shopp’en for him & knowing him some lengerie to match although a bit hard buying one booby bras Hey now l can see it flipteez one boob bras ;-) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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