Featured Twice........l still got it even on a bad day ;-P

Live love & Dream featured my ‘kiss’
Art in Math featured ‘never forbidden’
Yesterday l learn’t what it is to have a Bad Day l needed Panadol just to get my head off the pillow, my beautiful inlaws bought roast lunch fit for a queen. l feel like l’ve been in a shark attack with an internal head on blood cell smash up darby. But not all is lost l vegg’ed in my chair for the beautiful afternoon rain & organised my solo exhibition at the Broadford Gavan Street Hall 6th & 7th of December. l can’t believe l had it all so organised so quickly with wonderful people still offering help & a fantastic venue l’m such a lucky girl in so many ways :-) l gotta get those charity calanders & magazine into action. Saturday Dec 6th will be filled with entertainment, auction, poetry readings, music
$5 adults $3 children
Sunday Gold coin entry day.
Fundraising for helping rural women with Cancer & Mental Wellness of course
well thats it for this sore ol bag
thankyou with sloppy kisses for amazing response to my latest uploads
flipyarealsoon XXXXXXXXXXXX

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