The BIG smile returns as soon as l log in flipteez ;-)
l MISS you lot heaps’n’heaps but thankyou SO much for space & rest. l promise l truly am being well looked after by so many. I have fabulous photos of ONEFIRE & the flipteez exhibition cumming up soon. i have a big plan of one more art show before Christmas where i can focus on collaboration charity Calenders that you lot have been so generous & my foundation should be up ‘n’ run’en soon. l also have the chance to privately introduce my ‘bedroom art & wear’ up on stage behind a curtain.
I am testament of your wonderful individial healing properties, your art has become my meditation to Chemotherapy & then becomes the inspiration to what l do.
The only way l can describe how l feel is close your eyes just for a sec imagine being told to hold on tight to a couple of ragged edged bricks tide up with thick rope & thrown into a REALLY slow tumble dryer. Black‘n’Blue “Under Statement” l do want it known PORTS Hurt :-( nurses fantastic one even loves fishing so 5 1/2 hours went fast nodding off & on But like l said i was in & out with your art Even Dave’s bum crossed my mind once or twice, Michael donating his long hair to make wigs for kids, Muscular your fish rock Blamo you know you always melt me, Ari, MntMan, Bill, Girlfriends what would l do without you XXX Macros, beautiful poetry, fragrant roses, texture colour – the Healing group- are the angels on everyones shoulder. Hey get a load of whats cumm’en up
my wonderful hubby came with me, we walked into the best hairdresses in town we sat down door locked (i only used a few tissues) my head didn’t look as ugly as l thought ;-P Hubby looks cool in his cool new glasses l got a pair too but HEY Dave air brush me a matching pair of flame bandannas or even better Aboriginal serpent story 90cm square on cotton PLEEEZ please XXXXX
Of course l’ve just bought transfer paper & a lovely friend is making me white summer cotton Bandannas enough t sell too & l bEt you
“Cancer can kiss my wobbly ass” will be a fave!!!! OH before l rest my sore arms a wonderful friend Now talented family photographer Pat took some amazing family bandanna shots holding alot of my artwork even Rex got his head in now l have to design funky dog bandannas l know Gosh does she never stop :-)
l know still gotta draw more attention to the Politicians. I Must thankyou to so many who have said the rosary mentioned me & my family in mass, given me healthy tips encouraging warmth (Can’t wait for that blanket Wen ;- )
My next treatment is in 3 weeks & l can handle it l’ll let you know when l get scared but for now l am as positive as l can be that l can kick this horrid thing so still smiling still thinking of you & Thankyou to so many group features in the past week & sales too deserves a thousound million kisses XXXXXXXXXXXXX
for now l have my new/old $75 ‘bargain of the century’ leather rocker recliner found at the op shop my special table for laptop my garden full of mums purple flowers l feel can heal & breath but l couldn’t do it withyou
My cupboards & fridge are all chokkers of donated healthy stuff. XXXXXXX
Now whatta you lot up to ??????? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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