Still cruizing........... although sore & a little lopsided

l have had the nurse & hubby in stitches today while they bathed my slightly infected staples across my chest. Hubbies convinced l been on the happy gas again but l can tell you still many weepy moments in between but they are more beautiful ones than sad ones. My 2 beautiful sister in laws came a long way to fill up the fridge with fresh vegies & filled the cupboards with healthy goodies, they even gave my house a once over (my bedroom outta bounds of course) . Just gotta tell ya fellas you pay money to go see a ralley, l gotta a much better form of entertainment & it’s almost free just step back & watch family ralley around your home, even my 2 little nephews ran a wonderful muck. What a wonderful thing to do :-) X
Got my wobbly bits (shoulders up) in the paper today, sitting in front of my favourite painting ‘eternal hope’ My art work is now on display at the Mitchell Community Health Centre for Mental Health Awareness Week. Fantastic publicity for the flipteez exhibition Oct 25th at the Broadford Big Bash Festival (phew got that out :-).
One Fire Aboriginal Dance Co all set to go, all hands are on deck, now all l need is to raise money for rural women to receive the care they need……. be it Mental Wellness or Cancer support. How many times l heard that recourses are stretched in rural areas “it’s very hard to get nurses & support out there”. I am pretty lucky although hubby does have to go to work but l have distant family support & great neighbours & a wonderful GP l know too many wonderful women who do this on their own its SOOOO wrong.
OH did l mention l am also doing this to earn a bit of pocket money selling flipteez art & teez hoping it might keep us afloat, poor hubby pushed to the limits but holding up strong 3am starts 6pm finishes don’t help.
Now just a warning l wrote a few poems in hospital which is pretty much what l was going through & you know me l aint one for hiding things :-0
I am ever so slowly getting around to visiting you my bestest bubble friends. From what l’ve viewed in the last few days l just gotta say has been nothing short of breathtaking. You guys are truly my wings & l count myself an incredibly lucky girl to be surrounded by so many who mean so much.
As it usually goes l’ll be flipp’en ya XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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