Mum where are you please I'm begging you

I’m sorry to put such a personal message in my journal & this is for my mum only
Mum does look at my work from time to time & I’m desperatly hoping that all my energy draws her to this somehow someway. My mum has gone missing & I’m so scared for her & ache to tell her I LOVE her so much. Mum I know the pain is unbareable I know there’s nothing they can do but know that I ache to hold your hand & tell you I love you PLEAZE don’t leave me you don’t need to go before your time tears stream down my face not knowing where you are or why you have gone you only left a letter for Brian yet I spoke to you the day before you sounded so tired so sad & in such urgent need to tell me something but you didn’t. MUM come here I’ll help comfort you & so will Lynnette. I hate thinking of you walking the streets so cold so sick its taring me apart. Donna needs you Lynnette loves you we can help just tell us how MUM PLEASE PLEASE come home or just ring me & let me know you just needed to go on one of your walk abouts its been 3 days & I don’t know where to start looking Brisbane is such a big city but know this if I don’t here from you soon I will walk every street till I find you I really really LOVE you mum & so do your grandchildren and should you not read this
THEN let this be a call out to my Angels XXXXXXXXXXX

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