This happy happy girl bids you goodnight

5 days & 4 long LONG drought filled nights I finally made him melt into forgiveness!!!!!!
I got me sum goooood good luv’en :-p
Many stories were read & I got to figure out how my new webcam takes photos UMMMAR if that didn’t do it nothing would SO 4.10 in the morning he climbs in & whispers I do forgive you
someone had to take ANOTHER sickee didn’t he & NO room was unturned
what poems are cummmm’en out of THIS one!!!!
shit aint nothen beats HOT maken up
And I am making quite the photographer out of him too trouble is he won’t give me back my camera!!!!!
Well alls back to cooooool & steamy on flipz planet
Hope you wonderful bubbles are gett’en plenty too :-P flip ya XXXXXXX

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