Gidday gidday its the middle of the day

AND still in my daggy dressing gown & fluffy slippers!!!!
2 gone 2 soccer other 2 rugged up in blankets watching wrestling & drinking hot chocolate And meeeee I am just gonnu cruiz listening to the sound track to Cocktails the movie with Tom Cruize in it & that wonderfully dorky song Don’t Worry Be Happy
Good news iz I’m finally breaking hubby down I reckon I just might get lucky tonight & so might he :-P
Now engine all warmed head phones on I’m off to see what you lot have been up to.
Hey listen if I’ve negleted you just punch me in the shoulder I’ll cum runn’en. I must admit I get quite overwhelmed with our ‘new’ overview page I just got use to the old way but I’ll get there.
you lot steel my heart & fill my soul

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