Help me out with hubby you blokes

Cause even nearly breaking his neck over my long black leather boots in the bedroom aint gettin him into bed without his jocks although I am cracken it for a nicer tone in his voice though :-)
Here’s my efforts for todays & if this doesn’t work I’m pulling out the single sleeping bag AND ohhhh how stubborn I can be :-P

He had a hard day at work I’m wearing a crisp white linen shirt with released UNDISCOVERED naked breasts I cooked up a feast for a king & now he naps hopefully building energy before we go to bed. I just wrote a hot stuff storries & had fun on playing with webcam for his eyes only he hasn’t seen any yet :-P
Lingerie & camera still wait
ITS ALL gotta work or I’ll have to practise with the self timer on the camera. mmmmmm it did cum with a tripod too :-)
Cross my heart no uploads tomorrow (unless I get lucky that is) OH talked my best girl into taking a sicky & posing for me during the week if she doesn’t chicken out
Give you lot a hot hot chickadeee XXXXXXX Goodnight!!!

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