Great news

What a week
I had a boss earlier who failed to pay my wages whilst I ran his restaurant $7,500
I turned it round in 5 weeks from bankruptsy to not enough chairs in the restaurant. Magistrate ordered him to pay but claimed bankruptsy before the money could be touched. Last week I watched this small evil man carry furniture out of his shut down restaurant & on the same day I saw his awful wife emptying her Travel agancy of all the computer equipement. Man life can be so sweet without me being nasty!
My hubby has been giving me major grief over this little car I saved to buy & guess what it sits SO proudly clean in my driveway. And my biggest news of all is my internet & phone will be on on Tuesday YIPPEE my bubble lifeline re-installed.
Man I’m SO gonnu be a gutz & put in an alnighter or too :-)
I start my teaching job in 10 days
SEE shit always flies my way & sometimes it’s heavily laid
but don’t ever tell me I can’t & especially don’t tell me there is NO way !!!!
I’m cumming back to flipteez you properly XXX

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