My closest friends know of my desperate plight to seek a grant of some sought in order to teach art the ‘FLIP’ way I have rallied (almost to annouance) politicians local council members mental illness societies & organisations I have sent well over a dozen letters appealling to those who may be able to help. I have spent a year teaching high school girls voluntarily & building my portfolio 4 of those officials responded & gave me the name of a very destinguished local member that may be able to help. My purpose in life is to teach art to those who live in rural areas, senior citizens, schools & MOST importantly those who suffer from the many forms of mental illness. I wrote a heart pouring letter to this man in January & never even got a rejection letter. I have seen him about town a few times desperate to pull him up to ask why he didn’t even respond but it was always in public & I just couldn’t bring myself to it.



Paul just left 3 messages on my phone
(NOW you have to wait while I kick my heals in mid air)………………………………..Done!

Now I am truly terrified I have put so much into this
Business plan portfolio stolen time from my boys all my heart & soul so many all nighters all in preperation for a travelling flipz splatt attack art program
I know many must sell their work but this is my gutz on the line & now I’m terrified.
I’m not sure I can handle another rejection as tuff as I am
My phone is cut off so I have to make the wabbly kneed trek down to the phone box

For all I’m worth this is what I’ve worked & dreamed of for so long. It truly is too late NOT to get my hopes up so what I am calling for is Please please wish me luck !!

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