I am a simple being

It was like a dream, then maybe it was a dream. It is so hard to tell the difference sometimes. I was on a campus of some sort, a university I believe. There were many people there. Each on a mission to achieve some noble endeavor. There was a monument, in the main walkway. A tall and mighty edifice to honor some accomplishment. Perhaps it was a former student who went out into life to conquer the unknown. I tried to read the inscription but the language befuddled me. I am a simple one. To some I appear complex and bold, yet to me I am but a child yearning for knowledge and experience, struggling to grow old. I am in awe of all that is simple like 1 + 1 = 2 and what is the color blue? The grounds were exquisite. Gardens so lovely that even beauty would blush. It wasn’t heaven but then what did I know. The sky even glowed. This was the place I thought, where nothing so perfect was grown.
I heard a sound so sweet that it melted the dew and made me weep. As I turned to see its source, I felt inside my inner self swoon and faint. This was a special place, a hallowed world, sacred and restrained. I wondered if I should be here. For was I not the fool who played and made profane this holy place? As I began to find the way out, a fellow grabbed my hand and though silent I heard him shout. You, come here, we have something to show you. I turned so quick that I spun in place and when I stopped he was gone. I wondered if I had ever been here before. I would have remembered, at least I thought. How strange it felt to be lost in thought. Was this tomorrow or some day forgot? I gathered what little wits I had and stood on the path. Around me flowed this stream of life. Each carried some treasure on their backs. All were headed past the monument toward the structure that loomed far off in the distance.
It was like a magnet drawing them on. Their faces bright and eyes afire, none looked back. As each passed I reached out but they were like ghosts. My hands passed through them as though they were made of air. I could see in them the future yet I could tell they were from the past. I was so confused. Us, the simple, are often like that. Again I heard that sweet sweet sound and felt the tug on my hand. I so wanted to be felt but only me I only knew. I wasn’t sad but I wanted to go back. Alas, the flow of beings prevented that. Resigned, I began to move forward not knowing where.
I soon found myself in a great open space, a lawn of closely mowed grass with benches scattered about like shells on a sandy beach after high tide. I sat down on one of them and rested my head in my hands. I am a simple creature and there was so much I did not understand. There was a feeling of magic or other worldliness to this place. It must be a place of learning I surmised but I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t my place. A group of others stood nearby. They seemed engaged in conversation but their words were impossibly high. Their bodies seemed to speak more than their lips moved. It was so different to be there. As I listened in, they began to move closer to where I sat. One of the pointed to me and said, you are the one we have waited for. Imagine that. They proceeded to marvel me with some tricks and after a bit they waited for me to applaud but I all I did was just sit. Then one of them turned round showing his back. There with great trembling he shook and slowly turned round. In his shirt I saw three balls of some kind. He was clearly involved and sweating from the effort. I wasn’t sure what to think of that.
He smiled at me and the balls disappeared. Not that I could see them at all. Rather the bumps in his shirt had become flat. He seemed familiar to me but I can recall when. The others with him laughed and within seconds blended in. I would have stayed there long but something inside me called. It was time, time to awaken and I soon began to fall. The bench and lawn above me soon lost in the swirling of stuff. I wanted, so wanted to feel but there was nothing, nothing to touch. I know that it must have been real. I can still hear that sweet sweet sound. Somewhere the path I had followed led me to here where the ground is all hallowed and the sun burns round the night. One day I will return for I know I was really there. It felt like a school of learning and I know I should belong there. For I am a simple being and there is much I still don’t know. Why is life so deserving when I want so much to grow.
I never awoke from that moment. Perhaps I never will. Will you ever forgive me? I am just a simple being who life will eventually kill.

I am a simple being


Danville, United States

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Artist's Description

Dreams and reality are no different to consciousness. Our thoughts can not be distinguished from our dreams. Yet somehow we life in a different world. Life is seldom as it seems.

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