The Shy One (part 10 of 11)

Life Goes On
Sometimes in life, the things we acquire and treasure can delay our journey. As is the case in this duality, the delay is an advantage if you want to stop and smell the flowers or is a disadvantage if you want to see the journeys end. Perspective drives the meaning of most any and everything. It is like looking at everything through a lens that changes dependent upon which side you look through. The flickering light makes it appear otherwise. Duality is very difficult to see in the flicker. However, it is incredibly easy to see through the lens. And absolutely everyone has one :-) That’s why when I talk with you, I tend to look through the other side, even though it may not represent my model of reality. It gives us both perspectives to consider which is truth or lie. The advantage of seeing both sides is a significant disadvantage when you must commit or die. In battles, the army needs an enemy not a friend or equal. In endeavors, we need a purpose or passion not just an effort to try.

As we stand face to face, our eyes focused on the seemingly empty space. There in a moment sheer delight becomes compassion. The space seemingly empty is full of life. Only to vanish when one looks away. Which shall it be this moment, yours or mine?

Who Made the Elevator and Why?
The elevator was an accident. Built by creatures on level 3, the elevator begins on level 4. Level 3 creatures are ruled by advantage. Nothing happens unless there is an advantage. So close to the great dams, these creatures survive through adaptation and interaction. They easily and quickly can form bonds and assemble great attractions. Seems some good information got around and the next thing there was this great fountain, err. Elevator that is. The fountain wasn’t automatically an elevator and it took a clever approach to create the doors for each level. At first the only ride was to the top, rather instantly. Killing or immobilizing any fool who ventured into the shaft. Level 3 creatures are like blobs. They interact occasionally, especially when an extra sticky one gets close to a repulsive one. Even though the flicker light doesn’t appear on level 3, there is still the beginnings of a duality, with a sense of opposites and such. It was considerable the effort to contain the energy necessary to cause a fountain that would allow access to other levels. Places of energy, space and time manifesting like leaves spiraled around vine. The top, a nub, a bit of opportunity to grow, surely where everything begins. Yup, it was an accident of the worst kind. So many blobs got involved that most of level 3 became part of the elevator. If you look closely you can see the edges where different blobs meet to form the elevator shaft. Unable to move, they have become the carriers, the deliverers, the transportation of existence. Most other creatures on the different levels don’t even notice them there. I suppose that is how existence is. Memory lasting more than a few years can be dangerous, constraining all kinds of behaviors, limiting potential and eliminating opportunities. The fountain penetrated space and time, magnifying each domain and level, enhancing resolution by millions. There were the steps, of course. Long before the elevator and level 3, the steps were built. Sturdy and ancient, durable, and very hard to find, the steps are a reasonable alternative to using the elevator. The changes are more gradual providing opportunity to prepare and adapt unlike the elevator moving you instantly to a level. The steps also are sort of old fashioned, letting one linger and explore each moment. The doors were built by level 4 creatures. Like the elevator it was a sort of accident. By using a lens, it was possible to detect and select a pattern in the chaos of the elevator ride. Not all the patterns had door attached but most do. There are not many patterns, twelve basic ones and others that are very complex and difficult to focus. The lens was adapted into a control unit. This unit was marked with appropriate symbols for the first twelve levels. Stopping on a level was as easy as looking at the symbol on the control unit. Even level four creatures could manipulate the controls without understanding the symbols or the consequence of poorly prepared exploration. Life, with their vast hordes, eventually conquered the elevator and its levels. Humans benefited greatly from this eventuality, despite their level 7 heritage. Their humble level 4 beginnings provides an anchor that keeps them tethered. They can take the elevator to any level and then ‘sproing’ they are pulled back, as though attached to a piece of elastic. They don’t have to find their way home, kinda homing pigeons.

The Shy One (part 10 of 11)


Danville, United States

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Perception is the machine that creates intelligence. Using the cranks and levers of senses and brain, the human projects its belief unto the screen and sees what it sees. Is it real? As we grow in knowledge and wisdom we gain entrance to other systems of belief and value further modulating the machine, preparing us for some eventuality yet unseen.

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  • Daniel Rayfield
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