The Shy One (part 6)

When first I began, I believed that everyone contained the real you. This was correct, however, the real you contained is not the real you anymore. And to make matters worse, the real you free is not you either. For some reason, the duality manifests in this fashion, I suppose that’s why the flickering light, though a horrid thing is ultimately useful in seeing the real you. Time, like Oxygen, is corrosive and highly reactive. Give a second and you’ll be asked to donate more. Take a minute and you’ll be asked to hurry. If you don’t pass time, then you are shuttled off to be recycled. It is sad in so many ways, yet without the great dams there would be no life to flicker until death releases whatever might still be there. It is so sad the Humans cannot comprehend their mission, their service, their value as beast of burden. To host sentient beings who might want to explore and visit the worlds near the great dams. The places where chaos continues to leak and gnaw away at the veneer of structure. Chaos is not bound by time. Chaos management causes the flickering light which cause time. Given an infinite amount of time it would still not be possible to build a structure immune to chaos. It’s all about meaning and definition. An accurate definition allows incredible detail to manifest but it becomes increasingly fragile. Increasingly impervious to chaos (at least small leaks). Attaining such a structure requires polishing and forming, usually a lifetime in Human terms. The best definitions are flexible yet extremely rigid, vague yet precise. The duality must be preserved and knowing the right balance is what Shamans and others have sought since time began.

The shy creature emerged and took on a form to explore the Levels. Reality didn’t change. But the why of reality took on a personal meaning. Damn the leaking, I thought, now everyone knows and for what reason? This is where the sadness arises. The Humans know more than they need to. The result is the ability to feel forgotten and left behind. There is no place Humans go when they die. Like every other bit of stuff. Molecules, atoms, quarks and etc. either exist or evaporate. There is no heaven or hell. There is no kindness, just affinity. There is no love, just gravity. There is no hate, just acceleration. It takes a Human perspective to evaluate, and moralistic terms. Spiritual terms may well be Human, but not in origin. Like mathematics, spirituality is a science, naturally occurring and accessible to consciousness. Humans know things without knowing how they know. This (often called religion) causes a certain predictable reaction. Like driving a car without having read the manual or even having a clue how a combustion engine works. The great dams could never be repaired by Humans. The elevator, thankfully, does not need maintenance or repair. Built of some very interesting stuff I think of as negative light. It is invisible, being built of naught.

Where Do We Go Now That We Are Here Or How Do We Stop The Leaking?
Well, it’s been a life and a time. During the years the body aged and my sense of self matured. I knew the shy creature as myself. Borne of quantum affairs. The other side of the great mind, the chaos of everything held back behind those dams. Conveniently packaged in a leaking body, given the opportunity to do in a world of don’ts. Stopping the leaking has never been too much of a concern other then the effect it has on existence. Is it a bad thing? Hard to say. Without the chaos there would be nothing, just as there is nothing with chaos. It is only when chaos is managed that manifestation can persist. So, small leaks are not typically catastrophic. That brings up an interesting thought. Are there different degrees or amplitudes of chaos? Can chaos come in concentrated forms as well as standard forms? Chaos. Can’t have life without it. I have nearly stopped the leaking, however, I became as though dead. After a bit of investigation I discovered that use of the body senses caused the leaking. It seems that even looking somehow transmits energy to the looked at. Probably the quantum machine that provides the interface between the body and the mind (spirit, organized energy, etc). Most all of the quantum machines and tools were built during the same period as the great dams long before the elevator was constructed. Some of them are rather crude, lacking the sophistication and craftsmanship typical of when the elevator was built. Like the difference between prehistoric stone arrow heads and modern titanium ones. All the machines leak a little. So they are used as little as possible. The tools are problematic in that they can cause. Although determinism seems unlikely, there is little the consciousness can actually do about anything, other than observe and perhaps make judgment (collapse the superimposition of states into one ‘reality’ moment). The consciousness, outfitted with the right tools, can cause changes in local and distant realities and maybe some Levels. The machines and tools are crude and potentially dangerous. Not the sort of thing to leave around. It would be like leaving a hand grenade in a children’s playground. So most of the tools and machines were hidden once the elevator was completed. This Holy Grail has been the object of many a quest. A few tools were found and now exist somewhere. What they do and how to use them remains a mystery. It is rumored that the ‘God Machine’ was recently located near the ocean. It may take years but eventually someone will determine how it works. By simply adjusting the sync a bit, the eventually becomes “it happened” and, well, its not hard figuring out the rest.

The Shy One (part 6)


Danville, United States

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Life is a journey we take to find the great “something”. For many it is the search for self or God. For others it is just an excursion into the reality of flesh. Are we part of the backdrop, the furniture in life? Are we the characters who dream of what life would be like if life really existed?

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