The Shy One (part 5)

Just A Glimmer

Some things never change from certain perspectives. The sun rises every day and sets every night. The ocean tides come and go, as is the way in the world of flickering light. Bound and gagged, ridiculed and taunted, ignored and hated, all intended to build character and patience, added layers of protection and reinforcement to the shell. Yet, even in those times, it was possible to venture out and explore.

Was it madness? Perhaps brain damage? Did it matter to anyone else? Each a dream of opportunity, waiting to blossom. Why just one? Why not a race chosen for some purpose? Oh yeah, that already happened and has since ended.

Over the years I was determined to succeed. At what wasn’t clear at first. So I did all I could to succeed at whatever I was doing. Art, Music, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Spirituality. These made my day and filled it with adventures, opportunities, challenges, and awards. Tools for polishing and refining that which I was becoming. They are very dear to me. Like old friends. In them and through them I find limitless enjoyment and discovery, expression and solitude. Conveniently located by the elevator for those visiting for the first time, were these tools and others. I grew my own. It took some time, perhaps 20 or so years. Durable and useful, they serve me well. Standard issue tools by the elevator doors are not suitable for me. Ever since the infection I have not been able to persist unless I have my own tools. I also found a place in the sea of consciousness where I can be me without compromise or interpretation. It is a distance from the elevator but close enough to easily change Levels at whim. I had learned the way all by myself.
The shy creature fully manifests through me now except in the emotional realm. Perhaps that is because of the damage to this body during the preparation? Perhaps a side effect of the infection? Or maybe an unplanned chaotic event, a quantum leak? Despite the effort, complications were always possible, especially in an endeavor such as this: providing a host for a creature too shy to be seen. A screen or filter allowing perception without being seen. A Human was the obvious choice. For thousands of years Humans were cultivated and bred to produce a hosting body for entities that want to experience sensual and emotional existence. Existence is rather dry and “boring” unless there is some drama, crisis, blooming, or achieving of some kind. Humans make the perfect host but generally burnout past Level 12. I was designed to last through Level 20 however, I haven’t gone beyond Level 17 yet. I suppose it makes sense to think of the Levels as progressive and increasing in some way. This is only partially true. The energy content required to manifest decreases as the Levels increase. The sense of space expands as Levels increase, however the size of space diminishes. By the time you get to Level 12 you are in a space smaller than the Planck Length. Which is why Humans are generally unsuitable.

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The Breakdown of Our Current Laws of Physics

“Therefore, since we do not yet have a consistent wedding of general relativity to quantum mechanics, the presently understood laws of physics may be expected to break down on the Planck scale, and our standard picture of inflation followed by the big bang says nothing about the Universe at those very early times (which would precede inflation). In this respect then, we are absolutely certain that our present laws of physics are not complete. However, the Planck scale is so incredibly small that this presumably only had meaning in the initial instants of the creation of the Universe. We, for example, have no hope of doing experiments to test the Planck scale in any present or conceivable future experiment.”

It would take new physics and a novel approach to reach the Levels beyond 12. Both of which I seem to have. Perhaps all Humans are so endowed. However, the effort to articulate and understand it all is generally beyond the commitment of a typical creature or being, especially a Human. Having said that, it is clear that Humans have made it past Level 12 and returned. These Humans were unique individuals, perhaps like me, designed and intended, or maybe just an accidental evolutionary oddity. Knowing why or how is of little consequence. Given an infinite amount of time, everything will have been articulated, explored, and understood. A Human is just a point on that continuum. A place in consciousness, addressed by the interference of quantum interactions, unique to every living thing. Anchored by the massive and bulky flicker light body, the Human is free to roam consciousness and of course access the elevator.

The Shy One (part 5)


Danville, United States

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We all get a glimmer of it in our lives. Sometimes it comes in dreams. Who and what we are is in our perceptions.

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