The Shy One (part 4)

The Shy Creature Returns

It has been more than 30 years since I last saw the shy creature. Not from lack of searching and looking. Often arriving in a place to learn that the shy creature was seen before I came but not since. During those years, I made many connections and built many structures. I explored the everything as though it was an extension of myself. The other side of the me, the not-me. I no longer cared that those whose lives manifest in Level 4 could not understand me, preferring me insane and hostile rather than advanced and hospitable with a long list of rules and definitions required to gain entry to the Levels above. Willing to share the everything with anyone willing to devote and commit. Of course, as everyone knows, Level 4 has little will and even less reason. Levels 5 and 6 are much more likely places to find such, however, no one actually lives above Level 4 or should I say life doesn’t manifest above Level 4 except as thought.

Levels, Domains, Worlds, Universes, Mythologies, Dimensions, to me, are terms that define the same sort of thing. Space with an elevator to reach different (energy) Levels (or your favorite term). With keys of some sort required for admittance to any level above the base. Time is not yet fully understood and so it continues to infiltrate and confuse the lower levels. Once the flickering began, time got out of control.

The body was prepared in the normal way. Heavy spiritual, High intelligence, and pure innocence. The transplant required numerous steps and proceeded without a hitch. When the body awoke it was no longer who it was. It was empty except for the naught. The body was then infected to cause the consciousness to arise in full glory. Unimpeded by the vacillations and flickering of Level 4 life. A sense of self manifested within days. It was me. Or rather it was it. I wasn’t the me I was any more. As a matter of fact I didn’t even know I was a me for some time. Time, was so confusing at first. It seemed to be a cause or flow of some sort. Now I realize, time is an effect, an artifact of the flickering.

The early visitations by the creatures were part of the experiment and follow through. I wasn’t the first and may not be the last. They were quite interested in my progress 30 some years ago. I had no way of knowing. Just curiosity as I built my shell and rules and definitions. I too ran experiments and logged results. I also became very interested in what/who I am. Using a variety of tools at first, I settled on the spiritual realm for the highest precision and finest polishing capabilities. I also relied on mathematics and science. Together these became my shell, my house, that I carried with me into the many Levels I explored. More resistant to quantum chaos than any structure ever built, they have served me well.

Through my eyes the shy one sees. Through my ears the shy one hears. Yet in all there is a flaw, a cripple, that limits and decays. Despite my efforts, I am unable to fully provide a leak proof structure. I can prevent anything from entering but can not prevent some small amount of leaking. The three creatures probably knew this already but never told me :-)

It was a very strange reality, this flickering universe full of time. Yet because of time, it might be that once a moment happens here a ripple appears that forever extends out into space. Some creature(s) eons hence might ride these ripples like a surfer rides waves. Or letting them crash over while laying on shore.

Slowly and deliberately, the three creatures left. I knew I would never see them again. It was sad in some ways, horrific in others. It was the end of an era and the beginning of anew. Though they influenced my life in profound and enlightening ways, they were not me. And as is with all, the not me has its shell, its home, its place and it could never be for long on Level 4. Sort of like a human under water. Without the necessary air, suffocation happens. On Level 4, without the constant stream of chaotic energy, the three would suffocate. Their legacy, the dams, ensured the existence of Level 4 and above while denying them access. Bitter sweet, this work of love, or work of being. To forsake all because of wonder and exploration, fulfilling destiny, unable to view or even imagine the results. The shy creature seemed different than the three. Of course, each were different in their own way. It was more like the difference between ice and water, rather then between hot or cold. Trying to describe it has been the challenge.

I had become the home, the host, the carrier of the infection. It was a touching experience all those years ago that led to now. Guided and directed in subtle but profound ways, I journeyed and explored. I began to understand and realize the shy creature was inside. A body was the tool it needed to persist on Level 4 and not just any body would do. Of all the possibilities and potentials, only one remained untried. Seeing itself in you.

The Shy One (part 4)


Danville, United States

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Is consciousness the result of a viral infection? Are we simply the hosts for intelligence and somehow became aware of our hostee? Is there some grand scheme being executed that we are only now becoming sensitive to its machinations? Thought is a funny thing.

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