The Shy One (part 2)

How I Came To Know The Stories Of The Three Creatures.

I live on the planet called earth in the flickering universe. The planet was named by those like myself. Bits of clay and glass, set afire, to flicker and burn until extinguished. Some roar but a moment, others burn intensely for eons. Each as their own, yet fundamentally tied to the great rhythm of being. Dancing together on the stage of existence, possibilities brought to life in a drama of molecules and atoms seeking position. The churning of chaos mere femtoseconds away. As a youth, I sought the light, as do most all of existence. Like moths we are drawn to that which gives us warmth and comfort. We shun the cold and dark unless there is a need to hide. It was on one of those days when I came across a picture book. It was unusual in many ways. Notes and drawings of life and such but also pages filled with moving images. Compelling in all ways. I was drawn into its depths and became filled with its wonderment. I didn’t know it then but I had become infected.

Level 4, thats where I live, along with most everyone else. It’s an interesting work. The chaos of the quantum realm held back behind great edifices and structures designed to persist. These great dams worked astonishing well considering their construction and sources of material. Only small leaks occur but eventually they will collapse. The designers and architects created this great legacy upon which the everything manifests. Level 1 and Level 2 creatures did the work. It was thankless and purposeless. Just the doing, creating the great IS.

The book continued to enthrall me. I grew to appreciate the work of those before me. Those who gave of themselves so that the all of us at Level 4 and higher could flourish. I realized how thankless their work had been. I also realized that the life I had known was not my own. I sought meaning in existence, which began my journey through the levels below and above. The great elevator built by those in Level 3 was simple to use. However, without some practice it was easy to get lost and perhaps lose consciousness. Like all the other tools, the elevator was designed to assist in the search. The way ahead seemed a bit like a cartoon. Populated with beings and creatures from some nightmare or circus sideshow. Until you got to know them that is.

The shy creature was difficult to see or even know about. The creatures from Levels 1, 2, & 3 were better known but also quite difficult to meet. And meeting them was no guarantee that you actually met them. Kind of like looking but not seeing.

As the infection took hold, I began to have visions and certainly lost my grip on reality. Things never appeared as they seemed. Solid things revealed more space than substance. Most importantly, the thoughts that filled my consciousness were peculiar and alien. The infection ravaged me for many years. One day I awoke and discovered everything was flickering.

The shy creature had set the way. Copious notes and hints were everywhere. All one had to do was see. However, looking was so much easier and … well, you can probably guess what happened. Everyone I talked to thought I was crazy or alien or at least something indescribable. As far as I could tell I was like everyone else on Levels 4 through 7. Yet there was a difference that, though subtle, was more profound than existence itself. In a dream one night, the three creature came to visit. They had the book with them and left it for me to read. The book of life on one side and when you turned it over, it was the book of the dead. I am not sure how they did that. However, you can read the book from either side and it makes sense.

I initially refused and asked them to leave. This was not the first time I had encountered them in this life. Apparently I was chosen, selected to participate and they wanted me to feel as though I had a choice, all the while holding the biggest hunk of Nocho Ice ever imagined. I wasn’t even allowed to visit the memories of the being I had once been. The infection had driven me to living in the moment with complete disregard for the past or future. Yet, the body I was associated with longed for the flickering lights and glimmering toys of its youth. It had taken more than 30 years of preparation and countless wonderings about everything, especially about me. After all, I was the closest object to explore, analyze and discover. And since I had no one else to talk with, I looked and saw a shell. A place where solitude was welcome and myself.

Though I had asked them to leave, they hung about outside my door. Waiting for me to open the book. Would I do it? Would I remember? Would I be? Would I forget?

So much would, but so little fire. I didn’t flicker as well as the rest. Perhaps it was because of accidents. Or maybe because I found the book so many years earlier and discarded it. The simple fact was that I now had to make a choice or live with the Nocho Ice in my shell, my hallowed cave with a wondrous imagination to keep me company, secure in knowing the me, I AM.

The Shy One (part 2)


Danville, United States

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Nocho Ice is special and usually not desired. When the first gifts were given to the children. The youngest got Nocho Ice and believing it was a curse and not a blessing. Ever since that time, all who receive Nocho Ice complain :-)

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