The Shy One (part 1)

It was a timid and shy creature, newly emerged and full of being. It was very bright or so it thought. It didn’t even flicker like most everything visible. It just had a glow. Even the faintest of flickers would wash the glow into invisibility. It wasn’t in any hurry. Unlike the flickering lights of life, the creature moved so slowly as to be imperceptible. The flicker lights came and went, constantly changing until they disappeared, to be replaced by other flickering lights. Like any newly emerged being, the shy creature began to explore and discover. The grandness of space its first home.

And explore it did. Not just here and there. Every conceivable spot and opportunity was checked and analyzed. The flickering lights appeared to possess some sort of intelligence. The patterns and cycles were too distinct to be random emergencies out of chaos. All of everything was connected. Clearly everything that manifests must have been formed out of the stuff that was here. There simply isn’t any other stuff. That wasn’t profound nor even enlightened, rather it was a simple deduction. A common sense thought about everything. However as clean and neat as everything appeared in this light, there were some complications that had to be described and defined or at least acknowledged. The first complication was time. God only knows why, but flickering lights cause time. Remove the flickering and there is no time, just sameness, oneness, and all togetherness. Once the flickering starts, things get complicated and weird real quick. This is where the story begins. For it is there, that the creature sought another to be with, to share with, to know, to wonder, to grow. Amid the flickering lights, it would manifest.

Tender, sensual, vibrant, hollow, empty, dark. A mixture of duality all in sync with the dance of the flickering. Here, there, now, then, spontaneous manifestation of matter as a result of the exchange of energy expressed between the dualities. Everything glimmered and glistened in the flickering lights. It created a strange and interesting state of being. A superimposition of states. A potential waiting for the field to collapse into a frozen moment of time filled with perceptions. Of course, this was speculation based upon observation. What was really happening was anything if not perception.

It took billions of years in the flickering lights before the creature was able to manifest. And even then, the manifestation would not be raw and natural. Rather, the form and circumstance would be artificial. Close, so very close, as imaginable, to looking, acting, behaving, like the flickering lights. It could not have imagined the shock of flickering, even simulated. It was time. It was not the world from where it emerged. And the rules were very different. Lost in the sea of sensation and thought for a seeming eternity, the creature eventually formed a shell and while somewhat secure, wondered if the journey into the flickering was worth it. After all, what could be found that wasn’t already? If there was an other, would not that other already be? What to do, what to do.

So much happened between then and now. A swirl of moments, strung together to tell a story of exploration and discovery. Bits of what if, frozen forever into a past strewn about like photos dropped from a scrapbook, then blown by the wind. By then the creature had found two others. The three of them were quite the group of unlikely travelers. Each of them unique, as though they each emerged from a different world, a different universe, or different chaos. Each intelligent in their organization.

Existence, of course, is just an effect. Persistence of being could not depend upon energy, rather it would depend upon patterns (until and unless something more appropriate and suitable should arise). Energy is either chaotic or evaporating. Persistence is denied. Patterns allow the flickering and even provide the substandard upon which the everything stands. Between the three, all of everything is known or manifests or both.

The shy creature grew tired of the elevator rides everyday. Going from nothing to everything in just a moment. Level 17 is where they always got off. It was a garden of sorts. Filled with all that might be. The best of each assembled of chaos in forms and patterns hewn from traditions, mythologies, and stories of the greatest races by the greatest intelligences to have ever been divined. All from the same stuff that the creature was made of. The shy one began at the lowest level possible. Some say it was level naught, located way deep in the naught me. Others call it level zero. Each level requires a degree of sophistication, a polishing to appreciate and explore. However, once explored there was little or no reason to look again. Art, the appreciation of change, beauty, the contrast in the flickering light, could be reasons to re-enter level. Hence the fascination with Level 17.

Created by The Wizard of Awed™,
aka Tom Repasky.
“Art Is The Perception Of An Altered Reality©”
Copyright 2007 Flicker Light Studio™

The Shy One (part 1)


Danville, United States

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Artist's Description

This is a story about creation, existence, and the creatures who inhabit space and time. It has a Genesis Story and Rules for navigating the place called Human located somewhere in consciousness. The Flicker Light Reality we inhabit springs from a moment in ever light called the Shy One. This is a long story and will be posted in parts each day until it is finished.

Artwork Comments

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait

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