Compassion, as defined in the Websters online dictionary:

‘*sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it*’

Some people say ‘charity begins in the home’. That’s where it stays. What happens when these same people need help? What if they ever needed charity?

Some scream ‘foul’ when they are approached to be charitable. In return they may receive recompense/karma for their lack of caring.

Some scurry into their own little corner when another needs compassion, comfort, and caring. Someday they too may need compassion, comfort, and caring from another, but it may not be there for them.

Tom and I believe that charity begins in the home, and then extends far beyond. If we are approached to give to a special need, we open our hearts and souls wide to extend what we have and share that. We love people, purely. We care about others, their successes and failures, their joy and tears. We are able to rise up and demonstrate our love and compassion for the human element.

I write this because I am saddened after reading something written by someone complaining about being ‘spammed’ with mail about little Axel Matthew Moore and his family. I suppose to each their own.

As for my family, we will continue to extend our love and caring to others. If we are not able to give money, we will give energy, write a poem or create a work of art dedicated to them.

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