Yule Eve - Tonight We Burn The Yule Log

Tonight we burn the Yule Log
With candles dancing bright.
Tonight we beckon to us
The returning of the light.

Our hearts are filled with warmth
As we await the longest night,
To welcome back our God
And laugh with sheer delight.

Tonight we burn the Yule Log
And dash our cares away.
The candles burning down,
Bring light to our new day.

Our God is freshly risen now,
We greet the dawning light,
Our hearts, our minds, our souls we give
To Your eternal might.

Tonight we burn the Yule Log
And gain our newborn year.
May all who read these blessed words
Be given health and cheer.

A very happy Yule to all, and to all, a blessed New Year!!!

Susan Isabella Sheehan-Repasky
“Art Is The Perception Of An Altered Reality©”
Copyright 2007 Flicker Light Studio™

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