To All Of Our New (And Old) Friends

How refreshing to find a site with all of the wonderful art and photography that Red Bubble has to offer. We have found a delightfully amazing amount of members to add to our watch list, and it is with hope that we will be able to interact with all. It may be every day, or once each week, but we anticipate being able to comment on each of you as often as possible.

We are grateful to one of our friends on another art site for recommending that we visit here. A sincere thank you to all who have commented on our work so far, as well as those who added images to their favorites list.

Even though digital art is our chosen genre for creating, we can appreciate and enjoy all other art forms, be it written, spoken, drawn, photographed, or painted. Knowing what goes in to creation, we understand the aspects of the process. Each member here is special :-)

We look forward to being a meaningful part of this wonderful community!

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