Skylines and Dreamscapes

There were a couple of images next to each other in my favorites which I thought went together really well, and I decided to try to find more to make it into a homepage layout :)

Something completed - for music lovers

Some of you might know that as well as occasionally taking pictures, making digital art and painting, I also write music.

I recently finished a composition I’ve been working on since July 2011. It’s a piano trio in 4 movements – a piece for cello, violin and piano. I thought some of my music-loving fellow Bubblers might like to hear it :) You can listen here:

It always feels like a major achievement, and quite a relief, when I finish a multi-movement work, just because it’s such an intense process writing it – much as I enjoy composing. I suppose that goes for any series of creations really, whether musical or visual.

I hope everyone on RB is well!

new music blog!

Today I made my first blog , which I’m going to use to post about my thoughts and insights into music. I thought some people on here might be interested to see what I post :) I’ve only just created the blog and it’s very much still in progress, so the layout may change a bit, and there’s only one post so far. However, I intend to post more things soon, and hopefully keep it up regularly.
I know I haven’t been around on the Bubble much lately. However, I’ve still been keeping up with everyone’s new work on here and moderating the groups etc, so I’m still alive! I’ve just been busy with Uni work and music and haven’t really been doing any visual art, so I don’t have anything to upload.

got my 'fears and tears' blurb book!

Some of you might remember I turned my 2012 sketchbook into a blurb book not long ago, because I couldn’t bear to have to part with it and I wanted to keep a copy myself :P
Making blurb books always incorporates quite a bit of trial and error. Last year I turned the second half of my 2011 sketchbook into this book . I got that book printed on nice glossy thick paper, with a hardcover and dust jacket. I have to say that the colours weren’t very true to the original. Apart from the fact that watercolours are extremely difficult to scan accurately, I think the glossy paper accounts for that somewhat, and I’m even more inclined to think so since recieving this new book
The Amanda & Winifred blurb book was the product they call a ‘standard portrait’ book and it’s specially designed for images. I…

Sketchbook Project 2012 now available on blurb...

I finally finished my Sketchbook the other day! It turned out to have a happy ending, which I wasn’t planning on, but I like it.
After hours of doing a tiny bit of work on it and then having to restart my computer because it was cracking up, doing a tiny bit more work and then restarting again, I finally managed to turn it into a Blurb book …please have a look at it :)
If you’d like to see what other people have been doing with their sketchbooks, there is a whole group for the Sketchbook Project here which is full of wonderful art :)

I've finished writing the Symphony!

Today I completed the 3rd movement (yes, I did write the 4th movement before the 3rd!)..which means the Thunderstorm Symphony is complete! I can’t quite believe it’s finished. I need to start another one, or maybe a piano concerto or something…I haven’t written anything major for piano yet.

Here’s a link to the completed symphony: here

an important announcement - changing my username!

I know people sometimes start out not using their real name on the internet because they are shy and feel safer under a pseudonym, but as time goes on they start using their real name.…

Some of you might already know that my username Fleur Fleming is a pseudonym. My mum, Soxy Fleming, invented the name when she signed up to redbubble years ago, before I had my own account, and I’ve used it on here ever since I made an account for myself.
To be honest….while I don’t dislike the name, I’ve never really felt like it suits me, either. But you’ve all come to know me as Fleur, and most of my accounts on various sites around the internet are under that name. So I’ve kept using it.

Recently I’ve made the decision to stop using the name Fleur Fleming on the internet and start using my real name, D

the thunderstorm symphony

some of you may know that for the past few months I’ve been writing a symphony. today I finished the second movement and I’ve decided to celebrate by posting a link here for anyone who might be interested in hearing it :)

p.s. um…you should listen to both movements, just saying….hehehehe ;)

also, i promise i’ll stop being lazy/procrastinating, and actually be around a bit more on redbubble. i’m really greatful to the people who still bother to support me on here, considering I’ve hardly uploaded anything for ages.

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