8th oct 2007

Just read my 9/11 blog… and remembered this dream I had.
I dreamt I was at the BMX track in Adelaide’s South parklands, there were a few kids riding around. There was the usual planes taking off from the airport, but there was this one plane that was really big. We all turned and looked up at it, it was white with blue and red stripes down each side. As it rose above us something went wrong and it veered over to one side into a dive. It dove straight down into the ground as we watched in horror, into the suburbs. I remember thinking “Wow.. heaps of people just died!”
The weird thing about this dream came much later when a close mate started telling me about a similar dream his mom had. I hadn’t told him about my dream and I got cold shivers down my spine when he told me, as it was so similar to mine!
What was more weird was another mate had the same kind of dream a couple of years later, he was in a tree watching as the plane went down, he couldn’t work out why he was in a tree at the time, but later became a tree lopper and guessed that was why. I didn’t tell him about my dream till after he’d told me about his, so again I got cold shivers. it was all a bit too weird, then 9/11 happened. It was strange but it really did happen, I often wonder if it was premonitions.

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