Strippers and Blood Noses

I have to tell this story because it’s so bloody funny!
I heard this from a friend who is seeing this bloke, I hope they don’t mind.
Well this guy was 19 I think at the time, and was given the task of looking after a visitor at work. He was to show this guy around town and make sure he had a good time. Anyway this guy wanted to see some strippers, so our intrepid young hero, being a non stripper viewing dude had to find a strip joint. they found one and the visitor led him right up the front of the show. They sat down front row and this crusty old lady came out to do her act. She called for a volunteer and grabbed our young champ out of the audience, much to his disbelief. Despite his quiet protests, she proceeded to do her act with him, she ended up undressing him down to his jocks. Now the poor young lad had in no way been expecting any public nudity that day so his choice of underwear was a bit embarrassing, adding to his discomfort.
She made him lay down whilst oiling herself up. She sat on his chest and started grinding herself up and down, moving slowly towards his face. He stared in horror as all he could see was this big dark patch of pubic hair coming towards his face. she ended up sitting on his face and grinding her vagina on his nose, which subsequently entered her! Now the poor guy had suffered a few broken noses in his time so it wasn’t very pleasant for him, as she ground away he felt a “pop” sensation followed by excruciating pain and warm wetness, she’d re broken his nose. Hearing his shriek she stood up, blood was every where, down her legs and all over his face. The music stopped and the room was still. Our young hero stood up, collected his things and left the stage. The stripper and the audience stared in shock! He was apparently traumatised for a fair while over this poor guy!!

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