Horror dates pt2

Ok here’s another one. While I’m on a roll.
This one happened years ago, before the internet was big, well as big as it is now in that everyone’s got it. I’d gone on this telephone based dating line for a laugh and to see what might happen. It was the same as the internet sites today in that you’d browse the profiles and try to hook up with some one. After being contacted by a few strange ones I started talking to this nice lady, I’ll call her Joan after Joan Collins, you’ll find out why later.
Anyway after a few phone calls we agreed to meet. She seemed ok and was a couple of years older than me or so she claimed. I got dressed up and grabbed a cab into town to meet her. I went to the bar we’d agreed on and looked around, not many people were in there except a lady sitting at the bar that was wearing what Joan had described she would wear. I approached her and asked “Hi are you Joan?”
She turned around “Yeah hi you must be Rick” I was a bit taken back as she looked at least ten years older than she’d claimed.
“What ever, I’m here now” I thought and sat down ordering a drink. We started talking and I thought that despite she’d obviously bullshitted about her age she seemed ok. We talked for a while and eventually she said “Hey do you want to go some where else?” “Yeah sure why not” I replied.
We went around the corner and went into this Irish pub and sat down. She started to look around and checking her watch. Then this other guy came up and introduced himself, I’ll call him Otto the other guy. She seemed to know Otto already and he went to the bar and bought a fresh round of drinks. While he was gone she looked at me nervously and said “I hope you don’t mind…” I replied “hell no why not, the more the merrier!” Otto sat down and although he was looking like he was a bit confused, he and I started talking about what we did for work etc and actually got along quite well. While this was happening Joan started fidgeting around and looking more and more uncomfortable. After a while she got up and looking quite flustered said “I’ve gotta go now” storming off. Otto and I looked at each other a bit bewildered.
I asked Otto what his story with Joan was and he said he’d never met her before, and like me had arranged to met for the first time that night. I asked him if he knew how old she was and he mentioned the same age I’d been told, we agreed that she had to have been much older, like at least ten years older. We had another couple of beers, and said goodbye. “Nice bloke” I thought, and went off to get a cab. I never heard from Joan again.

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