Time for a different direction

To date I have really had a focus on dive related photos, scuba diving being my passion after all, and that love of the water was rekindled recently during a trip to South West Rocks in NSW where I had the pleasure to dive with some really great sharks.

Problem is my work will never be that sensational because my camera is old, has no strobe for light penetration underwarter, and I simply don’t have the money to go out and get the equipment required… yes… it would be very expensive!!

Anyway, I recently started looking at some of my above water photos, and realised that I have a heap of stuff to play with in photoshop, and I am slowly learning how to do different things. I even did a nude shot just mucking around one night, but considering it is a self portrait, not sure it will ever make it up here!!

Sure I am no great artist, but I am learning and having fun at the same time.

So I might start uploading a few of my people shots just to mix things up a bit, and see what people think.

Have fun,

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