For flood – quake – art sake – donate!

My lovely agency is hosting an ebay auction of artwork to raise money for the Red Cross.

“With so many terrible natural disasters happening world wide, it’s hard to pick just one to support!
So it is with overwhelming empathy that Just Another Agency has brought together a generous group of artists from a diverse range of mediums and styles to donate some artwork in hopes to raise money for the Red Cross.

All proceeds will be donated directly to the Red Cross, who have their “hand on the pulse” and can distribute the funds where they are needed most.

We have also donated pieces from our personal collection for the cause, acknowledging those who have lost everything… and now less fortunate than ourselves.”

I’ve donated a few originals and a print…head to their ebay store to see what else you can grab!

Just Another Agency’s ebay store

Artworks are also on display at 1000 £ Bend until the 26th of April.


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