Entry No.1 - Steps to improvement

Ok well I’ve been a bit slack recently on the photography front. Mainly as I’m trying to plough my way through the mountains of photo’s I took last month. I have decided to set myself goals. I’m not sure what they all are but I know where I’m starting. So first up.

Stop taking so many photo’s of the one thing. I promise to try and get the shot in 1 or 2 photo’s as opposed to taking 5 and then using no 1,2 or 3. My reasoning behind this rule is that I will have less time in front of the laptop sorting them all out therefore more time to spend shooting. Also The more I practice this the better I’ll get at framing my shots and seeing what I actualy want to capture from a scene.

Now I might be stuck practicing this rule for a while until I get to grips with it or maybe if I’m lucky this approach will fast track my abilities and I can move onto a new one.

Ah whats rule no.2? I have no idea but if anyone has some suggestions let me know. What rules do you enforce on yourself?

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