I love nothing days

Today was a nothing day, but the best nothing day
Filled with nothingness, but oh so funny
My English room mate and I thought we’d benefit from the unusual English sun.. so we ate our picnic on the balcony amongst our rolling cigarette butts..
we have watched way too much Britain’s got talent (although clearly not in Blackpool!)
We’ve had the local barman abuse his french/italian staff because they didn’t know to put fruit in my pims and lemonade, it’s not his fault it was sunny today!
We’ve listened to our friend in Hong Kong on his way home from a massive night out vomit in between conversations.. way to spend a Saturday night!
We’ve had to evacuate the house due to a bad smell.. (wasn’t me I swear)
We’ve realised that our street actually has a lot of talent.. and are thinking of putting in a red lightbulb to attract the talent off the street and into our appartment.
We’ve sung along to Pink ‘live in concert’
we’ve spent way too much time laughing at stupid photos on facebook and even stupider comments that we’ve added.
We’ve deliberated the differences between the Australian and the English languages.
Planned our holiday once I’m back home and she comes to visit (we’ve covered all corners of Australia)
All in all not much but a whole lot of nothingness, but fuck it was funny. Days like that are what I live for. The little moments, that mean a whole lot more.

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