JUNE20 2007 The Star
Zapiro, don’t
poke fun at
thepower of

I refer to your cartoon in the
edition of June 14 labelled
“Assorted religious nuts”.
Usually I enjoy the cartoons as they can be very
clever and incisive.

But this one is neither clever nor incisive.
In particular, I refer to the
“Teenager who sees visions of
the Virgin Mary , and her hangers-on”.
Given that the Catholic
Church has not pronounced on
these alleged events, Zapiro
should’have refrained from this
derogatory comment.
I have visited Knock (Ireland); Lourdes (France);
Fatima (Portugal); and Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia – all places where
Our Lady is supposed to have appeared to people.
If you visit anyone of these places, you
cannot but be convinced that they are special.
About four years ago,when
I was diagnosed with cancer, I
revisited Fatima and was
blessed with the strength to go
through with the treatment
and restart my career.
It is scientifically established
that having a religion
improves both one’s health and
subjective well-being. ’
So,please Zapiro, raise your
Professor Nessan Ronan

A photo of the cartoon in question is in my Art collection to view

I’d love for God to give me a sign

July 09, 2007 Edition 1

I refer to Professor Nessan Ronan’s letter about Zapiro (Letters, June 20).

The good professor is clearly a learned person interested in both science and religion. Could he kindly comment on how a thinking person can reconcile the two?

It seems to me that science adequately explains the universe without the need for religion.

Religion has been a source of much evil throughout the ages, and continues to oppose progress and divide humanity.

I would be happy to discover that a god, or gods, do exist, particularly if one of them took an interest in my welfare. But I don’t see any evidence for it.

Paraphrasing Woody Allen: If only God would give me a sign, such as by making a large deposit into my bank account!

Rick Raubenheimer

Morningside Manor, Sandton

P.S. Unfortunatly Nessan Passed away in Sept 2007 and was unable to give a reply maybe someone else may be able to who knows

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