A Life of Chess - Chapter 4-5

Chapter 4 – Opening Moves

Someone called Marv debonair one day. It was such an out of place comment that Marv was a little unsure as to its meaning and second-guessed himself when pondering it. Well it was probably more like third or fourth guessed himself. Marv was so taken aback by this that it caused an uncustomary moment’s pause for reflection. Ever the courteous one though, Marv acknowledged the compliment with a tip of the hat and a warm set of eyes that met the commentator’s. But the connection lasted literally the blink of an eye.

Confident, stylish and charming. Debonair. As defined by a commonly available dictionary.

On this very same day, a short time after the bamboozling words were spoken, Marv settled on the confident part of the definition as the most apt to his person. Having arrived at his destination, he decided to give up that day’s fishing exploits so that he could concentrate on this confidence. Marv did not up until this point consider himself a confident person. He had mostly identified himself as honest, and of course different.

One of the straight and narrow world was who gave him such a title. Did this person have some sort of metaphysical key that unlocked Marv’s essence and revealed the detailed coding to his uniqueness? Marv simultaneously drew comfort and was horrified at the thought of such an intimate probe. It turned out though that no such instrument of egress existed, at least not in the possession of this speaker. Rather it was the bohemian way in which Marv walked amongst the crowd that compelled this someone to spontaneously and genuinely voice their opinion. Marv glided so casually against the flow, whilst this someone was so helplessly, yet voluntarily immersed in it. This person (a credit to them might we say that there awareness flickered on for the briefest of moment to witness Marv’s grace) took such a pleasure in the clandestine abnormality of Marv’s existence. It gave rise to an earnest smile and an enjoyable flux of form in the viewer’s normal, everyday demeanour. Unlike the uniform rhythm of most people in the world, who produce a daily rendition of conforming sounds and movement, Marv nimbly re-plots the chart of the world to make it more to his liking. He re-conquers the frontier of ordinariness and weaves through its straight lines, floats across them, and mesmerisingly re-shapes them to his will. On the day Marv was called debonair and he identified confident as the most fitting aspect of that meaning to apply to him, he was spotted ever so briefly in full zigzagging flight. It was his opening move of the day. His Bishop’s move. And he was headed to a new street corner, where a man who lives and loves ice-cream worked close by.

Chapter 5 – A Collision of identities

A corner suffused with ice cream, and fish, and autumn leaves, and a Swiss essence. A corner that is not exactly a 90 degree right angle, more like an acute 73 degree point. This is a corner where society seemingly loses its way and fantasy begins to ever so slightly reign. It’s on this corner where if you are nice to the proprietor of the ice-cream parlor you will receive a free fruit tart. Its on this corner that a faint Robin’s tune can be heard. Its on this corner where a glowing, symbol laden road that is only perceivable to a special someone ends its purposes and arrives at the Swiss Hotel. And its on this corner that Marv, contemplating confidence and unknowingly puffing out his chest, and Ingrid whimsically frolicking and flirting, and Scarlett wooed by the sounds of a decadent ’20’s song playing splendidly on a body-less gramophone that evoked all kinds of tantalising sensation in a senseless void, simultaneously converge on the front door of the Swiss Hotel. A uniform delight at the asymmetry, at the straightlessness of the moment, at the confluence of multiple weaving and snaking paths, is shared on that less than perfect corner by our three antagonists. And as a watcher over the events so recently transpired, I can only surmise this moment to be the commencement of our match.

copyright John Fenech 2009

A Life of Chess - Chapter 4-5


Sydney, Australia

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