5,000 views of my artwork + GIMP

Ahoy, hoy!

Well, I’ve been so busy with interstate friends visiting and preparing for our relocation from ‘sunny’ Melbourne to the tropical Top End (Darwin) that I didn’t realise I’d passed a milestone — 5,000 views of my images!!

So, my stats are currently:

  1. Imagery – 5,050 views
  2. Writing – 651 views
  3. Featured Pieces – 10 images in 9 different groups; 1 poem in 1 group
  4. Sales – 1 card (of a pretty ordinary image – Three Mermaids – but who cares, it sold!)
  5. Hosting – 2 groups: Chocoholics Anonymous and Alice in Wonderland

While, my stats show I’m a small player in RB the counter clicks over slowly everyday, showing that people are still checking out my work. This is enough to keep me going – and don’t worry, I’ll be buying my DSLR (I think I’ll get the Nikon D90) before Xmas so that I can try and take some shots of Australia’s northern track as we drive up the Red Centre.

Oh! and I have a tip for people who are a bit cash-strapped – if you can’t afford PhotoShop check out the freeware program GIMP I’ve just downloaded it and need to revise my Photoshopping skills, in a vain attempt to do more with my imagery.

Thanks again for your support!


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