Lisa Putman Does The Featured Page

I jumped at the request to do the feature page thinking, this will be fun! Little did I realize what a gargantuan task would lie ahead. I spent hours scouring through pages and pages of work, looking for the best. Countless amazing works to choose from. I couldn’t help but wonder how my peers might scrutinize my choices, will they think I know nothing about good art? But, then what is “good art” really? The love and appreciation of art is a very personal thing. What one person loves, another loathes. Enjoyment of art fluxuates with mood and interpretation. I have to follow my heart, and choose what appeals to me at this very moment in time. Afterall, as a photographer, this is how I approach my work. I shoot and edit “in the moment”. If I shoot the same subject over and over, no two shots will ever be the same. Why do these appeal to me most? Each one evokes a powerful emotional response in me. All of these elicit feelings of appreciation, gratitude, faith, hope for the hopeless. All are technically masterful. Each directs my eye to look toward the light, pointing me toward hope and a future of promised joy.

Lisa Putman

Agape ‘LOVE’ by yahshanti

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