Lachlan Kent Does the Featured Page

Today’s featured work has been chosen by Lachlan Kent……

My decision of what I think is good art usually happens very quickly. So when I was asked to do the featured page, it took me a while to decide what I like and what I don’t. I can tell you, it’s either a very complex or simple process. I’m not quite sure which. I can tell you, that a visual artist’s use of light is very important to me. Light can evoke so many different feelings and emotions depending on how it’s used. Novelty and humour are always winners for me (eg. a funny situation or an unusual point of view).\
Finally, artworks that tell stories or say something about the artist are my favourite. A good image that has a story evident in it sticks in your mind for a long time.

The first 5 artworks have been selected from the recent images. The last are from my favourites.

*Written Work
Consider me oh Lord

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