Shall Does The Featured Page

We asked Shall, moderator of Lesbian and Bi-Women’s Art and member since August 07 to select some works for the featured pages and talk to us about her selections. This is what she had to say:

I am flattered to have been asked to make these selections for the Featured Page. It has been a monumental but enjoyable task, which has led me through the corridors of The Red Bubble, dipping in and out of the galleries belonging to some amazingly talented artists. I have seen some spectacular work and been introduced to many new faces.
I have decided to give this collection a theme, and that theme is Images of Womanhood.
I want to share with you a diverse collection of work that relates either directly or not-quite-so to women and the portrayal of them, their lives and sexuality.
Through history women have been the subject most frequently depicted by artists, praised and honoured by masters and students throughout the world, throughout time.
It pleases me enormously that this time tested tradition is continuing here in our community and I am proud to be part of that by sharing with you my favourite works.


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